LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2010
CLIENT : Truptea

Truptea was conceived as a prototype tea booth, on a shoestring budget ( approx 500,000/-), easy to put up and dismantle.It is essentially a 150sft container, tucked into the corner of a mall’ s forecourt, with a sole store-front surface to force a visual statement. We imagined the booth to become both eatery and curious installation - a kind of marquee piece to arouse curiosity in the mall’s foreground. Truptea’s enclosure therefore announces itself to passers by, with very little applied branding. The booth’s structural cage is built in steel, and roofed in coated sheets. The store front panels comprise skeletal tetrahedrons with a combination of glass and cement fibre board infill, all together forming a beaming, variegated facade. The entire assembly is designed for repetition(on similar sites) and thought through as a ‘kit of parts’ with very little customisation