LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2022
BUILT AREA: 495 sq.m

ARR was imagined as a house of several themes, vivid colours and many textures. Our design proposal involved an exhaustive relook at the existing layout, by taking down partitions( and building new ones elsewhere), inserting an elevator, a patio at the rear and a gazebo in the garden ...

The central element of the ground floor is a long passage, that starts at the foyer and leads all the way to the garden at the rear. The wall that separates spaces on either side of this passage is the anchoring element on this level. It is clad in black marble, banded lime plasters, and camouflages hidden doors and a synchronised glass partition. Juniper green and brass accented side cabinetry are set into this partition to complete the ensemble. To the right of the passage, are living and dining spaces, separated by the new elevator core and a cascading, dark flight of marble - clad stairs. On the first floor, the master bedroom has a more vibrant theme, to reflect our client’s traditions and memories. The bed backdrop is a modern abstraction of north-western motifs in green marble and a distressed cement finish. White marble, copper textures, and polished oak veneers compliment this scheme. The childrens rooms were designed to include their interests and colour choices. The family gets together in the media room on the last floor that also includes a hidden bar, for the young couple and their guests when the seniors are away..!
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