LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2022
CLIENT: Kadence
BUILT AREA: 360 sq.m
PHOTOGRAPHS: Shamanth Patil

This was a big leap for our client – a young, AV / Musical instruments company looking to transition from makeshift settings in to an unhindered and vibrant workspace, for their young, creative, free- spirited team. The bare shell shown to us was a throbbing night club a few months earlier. As they say – “There was music in those walls.” ... That was the embedded narrative and intrinsic contextuality that we were seeking while working through the brief; in trying to bridge the legacy of prior use with new beginnings. Our design works in continuity – in preserving the trussed volume, including the 5.5-meter-high central space, a mezzanine along one edge, windows (with sweeping views of the city) on the other. These two edges converge in our design, forming new overlaps (including unintended ones!) and visual tilts within the double height. There was also the advantage of additional floor space. The converging upper levels and surfaces also form different zones of occupation within the project. The lower level is used for creatives, the open floor plate above for the founders, team meetings, and a cafeteria. The peripheries on both levels are for demos and recordings. Tucked in-between the surfaces, is a hollowed out ‘red’ stairwell that connects both floors. The identity of the office is defined by the stripey texture that drapes the surfaces. Derived from graphic abstractions of soundwaves, coded striations flow through all spaces, binding the office in an all-pervading theme of music and effervescence. The banded walls also function as acoustic barriers, includes customized ambient lighting and forms the backdrop for shoots and performances.

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