LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2020
CLIENT: Mr. Karthik
BUILT AREA: 343 sq.m
PHOTOGRAPHS: Raghul Velsamy

Tucked into one of Bangalore's dense upscale neighborhoods, K house is quite literally a tiny shiny home. A large solid volume that emerges by stacking all the program vertically onto a compact plot is deconstructed into smaller lighter volumes springing off a solid base towards the rear. The grid like planning metamorphoses into a 3 dimensional grid as a play on the massing - built vs unbuilt, solid vs void; on the structure - rcc vs steel; and on the materiality - masonry vs glass, matte vs gloss. ... The common areas of the house abutting the street, that are visually connected across multiple levels and transparent to each other & the street, is a complete contrast to the private zones towards the rear. The metal grid pierces through the open volume and reaches out to the street, framing smaller green pockets and creating views from within the house. A golden paint scheme highlights the metal structure and accentuates the contrasting elements that define K house.

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