LOCATION:@BIC, Bangalore
YEAR: 2022
CLIENT:Collaboration with Biesse for Designuru 3.5
BUILT AREA: 5.76 sq.m

Undeniably, it is at the intersection that separates structure and foreground, that we confront Architecture at first, evoking instantaneous acceptance or rejection. Can this edge be both envelope and enclosure? At what critical depth does the boundary form a blurred threshold (between skin and space)? Our installation is premised on these questions. ...

Stradata is a graft, translocated from an imaginary construct, and metamorphosed into a 13.824 cubic metre information – infused artefact. It is imagined as a ‘cellular device’, for both superficial contact and experiential transit.

Data- Strata
Conceived through iterative computation, Stradata is a fragment of many variations and possibilities. Its plasticity is derived from several bits of code and data embedded in the crust, suggestive of a metaphoric collapse under the weight of information (indicative of this epoch). Can Architecture be meaningful and immersive in the shards that bind structure?

Sustainable build
Stradata is optimised for minimal wastage and rapid deployment. The installation uses no glue (or other chemicals) and is designed to be self – supporting.
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