LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2016
CLIENT: Dharani Suma
BUILT AREA : 230sqm
PHOTOGRAPHS: Sujith Sugathan

DHSU house is located on the outskirts of Bengaluru, on what were perhaps farm lands not so long ago…dour and defined by the repetitiveness one typically sees in several of these suburban developer-designed communities, mostly at odds with the serene grounds that they are built on…this site looks both ‘in’ at its neighbors and ‘out’ at vast agro lands. We imagined a ... house that would reach out to its surroundings and embrace the views on two sides and yet feel private on the other edges. On the Inside, the house holds three bedrooms and a top-floor multi-functional space; to be perhaps used as a home-office, gym and/or bar. The client was keen to get in as much open/garden/spill out area as possible on a small more