LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2018
CLIENT: Mr. Sathish
BUILT AREA: 576 sq.m
PHOTOGRAPHS: Shamanth Patil

RL residence occupies a 240sqm urban plot in Bengaluru. It is flanked by buildings on the East to north, and faces two streets on the west to south. This is a home designed for an entrepreneur and his family of young children, middle-aged relatives and older family members....

To liberate the form from its programmed tautness, RLR has large indents of varying heights and depths scooped off its facades. The recesses are articulated to hold windows, balconies and other connections to the outside. The palette here is in stark contrast to a mute white that drapes the rest of the building. Polished plasters, copper laminates, steel and laminated glass aggregate to form a variety of textures and effects. However, the colour and character distinctions inside RLR were imagined differently. A range of material tones are articulated in the interiors as subtle floor to ceiling transitions between marble, wood, glass, lacquer and fabrics.
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