LOCATION: Bangalore
YEAR: 2017
CLIENT: Neev Avantgarde Group
BUILT AREA: 1550 sqft

This compact office is located on the top floor of an existing commercial building. The brief included conceiving two levels - a light steel enclosure for an office space below and a roof top staff lounge with open deck for private gatherings. Private cabins for the management occupy the west, north and south edges of the floor. The eastern edge overlooks large green canopies, and therefore holds work zones, customer interaction spaces and the reception area. The management here was a mix of seasoned professionals and a younger generation of aspirants. We imagined this duality to come through in the design. While the primary tones used in the space (glossy polished wood textures with glass) add a level of sophistication, angular incisions and jagged furniture liberate the ambience. The ceiling incision is imagined to be a graft, and implies growth, instability and unity, lighting up the open areas of the office along its path. The workstations and other components along the graft are designed in wood, steel sub frames and perforated panel skins.