YEAR: 2020
CLIENT: Mr. Chaman
BUILT AREA: 1750 sq.m

Located on an upscale sea facing plot, CB residence is our second private villa - project in Vizag( HKS house is on our feed ) On a slightly smaller plot this time, the drawings here include early form-making tests to shrink the base to a functional fit, allowing the ground and garden to expand and plunge into the building. ... CBR hovers over it's neighbours, almost like a periscope , opening up beautiful vistas for the user within, from a gravity defying 7m steel cantilever that reaches out to the sea, springing off a solid RCC core anchored to the ground. Moving through the vertically stacked internal program, the user is constantly in view of the sea. An Eccentrically placed core opens up the floors to panoramic views of the bay of Bengal, a perfect daily backdrop for public and private spaces alike. These sight cones also form a composition of tapered apertures on the facade (seen in the renderings ). We’re looking at a neutral, minimal exterior palette to retain the integrity of this monolith.

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