About the principals:

Sujit Nair /

Sujit Nair is principal designer and founder of SDeG. In the past, he has worked as an ‘Architect’ at Zaha Hadid Architects, London in project teams that won several international design competitions (including the ‘Aquatic Centre’ – 2012 London Olympics). Sujit holds a Masters’ degree in ‘Architecture and Urbanism’ from the Architectural Association, London (2004). Sujit has been active in architectural education, as visiting design critic at several architecture schools. He has lectured at architect forums, design schools and public events.

Aruna Sujit /

Aruna Sujit is Co-founder and Principal Architect at SDeG. As ‘Design leader’ at SHELL India Marketing [P] Ltd, she was responsible for the design of over two-hundred SHELL fuel stations and retail outlets across the country and closely involved in project execution, co-ordination and quality management. Aruna is Architect and Urban designer with a Master’s degree in Urban Design from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Aruna has taught at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels and is currently visiting professor at BMSCE, Bangalore.

Design Team:

Balaji T | Associate/Project Lead

Aayush Bhaskar, Nayanpreet Khuman, Sahaana Kulaveeran, Bidisha Kumar | Project Architects

Rahul N. Ramanan | Visualizer

Neeraj, Steven, Suchetna, Nishant, Labeeb, Vishvas | Interns

Administrative Team:

Sridevi Purushottam | Office Manager

Murthy | Administrative Assistant

Madhu | Office Assistant

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